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Corte Madera Residential Chipper Program funded by Corte Madera Measure F, Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (Measure C), Central Marin Fire Department, in cooperation with FIRESafe MARIN.


We are conducting a curbside pickup chipper program throughout Central Marin over the coming weeks. Enter your address below to make a reservation.

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Preparing for Chipper Day

Signup is on a first come first served basis. When we have reached our capacity, any additional registrants will be placed on a wait list. Residents on the wait list will not receive a pickup unless they receive a confirmation email due to a cancellation. 

Pickup may be delayed for 1-2 days due to volume.

Q: What CAN go in the chipper?
  • Tree limbs up to 8” in diameter.

  • Shrubs, brush, limbs, woody bushes, pampas grass, scotch broom, cypress, juniper, bamboo, etc.

Q: What WILL be taken but can't be put in the chipper?
  • Cut roots off bamboo, cut roots with rock/gravel/dirt off any plant - place next to pile

  • Palm fronds - place next to pile​

Q: What will NOT be taken for the safety of our crews?
  • Trash, poison oak, blackberry brambles, construction materials, lumber, regular yard waste, leaves, lawn clippings

Lay all vegetation in your pile the same way with the base of the branch or plant facing toward the street (so that it can be easily picked up and placed in the chipper) at your curb by 8am on the day of your chipper event.

If you would like to cancel an existing reservation, please follow the link below. You will need your confirmation code to complete the cancellation process.