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Welcome to the Plumas County Community Chipping Program funded by CAL FIRE. This program is managed by Plumas County Fire Safe Council.

We are conducting a curbside chipping program to select areas throughout the County between May and September. Please note; pickup will occur within 5 days of the stated pickup date, depending on volume and the number of reservations.

Enter your address below to see if there is an upcoming week that includes your address.  If so, you can create a reservation for that event. You are required to read the Terms of Service before creating a reservation.

house number, street address, and ZIP Code are required

Program Details & Preparation

If there is nothing currently scheduled in your area please check back later in the season or signup to be notified of future events.

Reservations are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. When we have reached our capacity, any additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist. Residents on the waitlist will not receive chipping unless they receive a confirmation email. 

Checkout the video to prepare for our chipping events. Thanks to our friends at Mendocino Country Fire Safe Council for use of this video.

Preparing for Chipper Day

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Click the button to learn more about the funding for the this program.

Rules to Follow


The Plumas County Fire Safe Council provides no-cost chipping for up to 16 linear feet of material that is no more than 4 feet in depth (height of the pile). It is necessary that individual pieces be no shorter than 3 feet in length and it is preferable that they are no longer than 12 feet.


Material in excess of 16’x12’x4’ will not be chipped - you are responsible for disposal of excess materials.


Place your 16’x12’x4’ pile in a location accessible from the road no later than 7:00 AM the first day of your scheduled chipping week.  Preparing your piles well in advance of the chipping date is recommended.  Don't stack piles within your defensible space.  If the chipping service is delayed you don't want dry material next to your home during fire season.


Please do not bag or tie up your vegetation.

Pile Size & Placement

Lay all vegetation in your 16'x12'x4' pile the same way, with the base of the branch or plant facing toward the street (so that it can be easily picked up and placed in the chipper) at the road by 7am on the first day of your scheduled chipping week.

Permitted & Prohibited Items

To ensure that your piles are chipped:
  • Build neat piles with all cut ends facing toward the street

  • Make sure that your piles contain no rocks, metal, mud, poison oak, scotch broom, vines, blackberries, or building materials

  • Locate piles on level ground, or on the uphill side of the road, outside of drainages

  • Build piles in areas that can be easily accessed with a truck

  • Include only materials that are longer than 3 feet in length

  • "Loose" piles are preferable to tightly packed material

  • Be respectful of the contractors’ time

Our program is NOT able to chip:
  • Roots or decaying wood

  • Pine cones, pine needles, leaves, or yard clippings

  • Piles that are over 4 feet high or built over standing vegetation

  • Large diameter materials that will not fit through the chipper opening – please cut material that cannot be easily compacted so that it is no wider than 12”

  • Short pieces that will endanger the chipper operators

  • Piles constructed with mechanical assistance (i.e. with a tractor)


If you would like to cancel an existing reservation, please follow the link below. You will need your confirmation code to complete the cancellation process.

Contact Information

Plumas County Fire Safe Council

Gary Parque

Chipping Program Manager


Tel. 530-927-5335

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